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The Product - Rack Armour

Rack Armour incorporates a patented design that provides ongoing protection and outperforms conventional pallet racking protection.

It’s tough outer, or shock deflector, is made from an extremely tough polymer which can withstand significant impact and has persistence of shape to give ongoing protection as the unit reverts back to its original form.

The compact design is unique in that the curved edges deflect the impact away from the rack face.

The foam inner, or shock diffuser, acts to reduce inertia from any impact and diffuse the force along the whole length of the unit (600mm) rather than being concentrated at the point of impact. Any residual impact is therefore dissipated over a much larger area making it less likely to cause damage to your upright.

Features And Benefits

The patented design and unique use of materials means that Rack Armour can provide you with benefits not gained from traditional protection devices.

  • Ergonomic design and close fit ensures minimal intrusion into pallet space
  • State of the art materials effective down to - 40 degrees - cold store safe
  • No fixing or bolts to be ripped off or to damage floors or racking
  • Designed to have persistence of shape to ensure ongoing protection
  • High visibility yellow as standard with any colour available ( subject to min)
  • Fully transferable if you have a re-fit or move premises
  • Three sizes to ensure Rack Armour will fit most types of racking
  • Installs in seconds, simply "clips" onto your existing racking
  • Impervious to acid, alkali, mould, rust and most solvents
  • Fully tested for front and side impacts

Other Products

Rear Upright Protector

  • Minimises damage to the rear upright of your pallet racking
  • Diffuses and deflects impact
  • Available in 120mm height
  • Manufactured from high density polyethylene in high visibility yellow
  • Easy to install and remove for safety inspections
  • Will not rust
  • Suitable to -40°C
  • Resistant to growth of mould and bacteria


  • Minimises damage to vehicles when impacted
  • Prevents damage to racking, stock and employees
  • Available for surface mount or in-ground installation
  • Bolt on design easy to install and ideal for permanent or temporary applications.
  • Manufactured from high density polyethylene in either black or high visibility safety yellow

Warehouse Buffer

  • Minimises damage to vehicles and structures
  • Available in Small 100mm or Large 150mm sizes
  • Sold in lengths of 10m, smaller lengths subject to availabilty
  • Manufactured from heavy duty PVC
  • White in colour, other colours available subject to minimum quantities
  • Can be mounted directly to structures for easy installation

Rack Armour Range

Rack Armour comes in various sizes to fit majority of pallet racking types and styles:

  • A smaller size to fit racking uprights with a 75-90mm face
  • A medium size to fit racking uprights with a 90-100mm face
  • A large size to fit racking uprights with a 100mm face +

The patented design and unique use of materials means that Rack Armour can provide you with benefits not gained from traditional protection devices.

Our Design

The Outer - Deflector

The outer casing is made from high density polyethylene and is manufactured so as to posses a very strong internal cross linked polymer composition. The curved shape provides low friction coefficient with high deflecting properties. The combination of deflection and diffusion properties greatly reduces impact forces being transmitted to the vulnerable front and lateral faces of the rack upright.


The Foam Inner - Shock Isolator

The inner is made from closed cell polyethylene foam designed to induce inertia and an exaggerated path to shock forces. The shock isolator received residual impact energy from the external deflector, momentarily stores this energy and releases it over a longer period of time and the larger internal area. The remaining proportion of impact force is rebounded back through the external deflector and away from the racking.

Testing and Standards

Rack Armour Exceeds FEM 10.2.02 for front and side impacts

Rack Armour has recently undergone independent testing by Cardno (NSW) Pty Ltd, one of Australia's leading consulting engineering companies. David Beneke, Principal at Cardno supervised the testing and has confirmed that Rack Armour meets the standards set down for racking protection devices in FEM 10.2.02.

FEM 10.2.02 is the European testing standard upon which AS 4084 is based. FEM is the most internationally recognised and one of the most up to date (having been updated in 2001) of all testing standards. Rack Armour has met and exceeded the requirements of this standard for both front and side impacts, as certified by an expert, independent source.

Rack Armour Impact Video Test

Cardno Report

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